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Health manor The Klause

Centre for stress medicine

Airport: Graz 60 km
Train station: Feldbach 10 km
Next public transport: 500 m


Taxbergstrasse 15/17/19, 8344 Bad Gleichenberg | +43 3159 44915 0

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A two hour drive from Vienna, and just one hour from the city of Graz, the manor is situated on a peaceful hill in south-eastern Styria, surrounded by nature. A few kilometres away there is a golf-course, the thermal spa of Bad Gleichenberg, the medieval castle Riegersburg and the famous Zotter chocolate factory. The Hungarian and Slovenian borders are less than 40 kilometres away.


The Klause was created based on the ideal criteria of modern stress medicine. A natural environment, domestic agriculture that provides the ingredients for a healthy diet, contact with animals and rooms that are made of non-toxic materials, represent a perfect place to decelerate and to rediscover one’s own natural rhythms. The therapeutic team views every guest in a holistic manner. Psychosomatic diseases, for example in the digestive or motoric systems, exhaustion, sleep disturbances and depression are the areas of our expertise. Professional guidance towards a healthy lifestyle is one of our main purposes. A stay in the Klause is highly recommended for people who are faced with a very demanding professional life.

The treatments follow a multidimensional diagnostic programme that reveals the physical and psychological constitution of our guests, their stress factors and resources.

In small groups, our guests get input from behavioural medicine practitioners and experience individually tailored training units conducted by a physiotherapist. Special outdoor programmes invite our guests to further relax and to learn mental training techniques. Our therapy guests also take part in single-settings with a psychotherapist and a clinical therapist who conducts biofeedback trainings. This core-programme is embedded in a variety of additional offerings, such as herbal body wraps, massages, special oil baths and input from the teaching kitchen.

Once a month the “Workshop Life Art” seminar takes place, conducted by Dr. Worsch, who is a therapist and theatre director with a further broad knowledge from his studies of psychology and philosophy.

The partnership with the Sigmund Freud - health centre in the city of Feldbach enables The Klause to conduct following additional diagnosis:
  • ultrasonic of brain and throat vessels for stroke prevention
  • electroencephalography for clearence of syncopal attacks
  • electromyography in cases of paralysis and neuralgia
  • analysis of all blood values
  • x-ray and magnetic resonance
  • internistic and dermatologic check-ups

Medical Experts

Dr. med. univ. Dolf Dominik

Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Neurologie, Ärztlicher Leiter Institut für integrative Medizin

Medical Packages

Therapy-seminar “Workshop Art of Living”

Therapy-seminar “Workshop Art of Living”

Dr. Worsch is a therapist, theatre director and studied philosophy and psychology. In his seminar he helps participants to reflect on their needs and coping strategies. Participants can strengthen their resilience and develop new perspectives in their private and professional lives.

+ Therapy-seminar “Workshop Art of Living”
Individual Programs

Individual Programs

Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit über Schwerpunktsetzungen individuell mit dem Gast zu entscheiden, insbesondere bei spontaner Aufenthaltsverlängerung können neue Schwerpunkte gesetzt werden und auch Diagnoseverfahren hinzugefügt werden.

+ Individual Programs
Klause MED: Prevention package

Klause MED: Prevention package

Emphasis on stressmanagement-strategies, relaxation techniques, physical exercise and nutrition with practical sessions in small groups and theoretical input. Suitable for people with a demanding professional life and first symptoms of exhaustion.

Duration: 6 nights/5 days

+ Klause MED: Prevention package
Klause MED: Therapy package

Klause MED: Therapy package

Emphasis on treatment of burnout, depression, anxieties, insomnia and psychosomatic symptoms.

Duration: 6 nights/5 days

+ Klause MED: Therapy package

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Health manor The Klause

Taxbergstrasse 15/17/19
8344 Bad Gleichenberg

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