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Park Igls

Healthy diet, conscious movement and profound regeneration - modern Mayr medicine in the health center Park Igls in Tyrol.

Airport: Innsbruck 7 km / Salzburg 180 km
Train station: Innsbruck 5,5 km


Igler Strasse 51, 6080 Tyrol | +43 512 377305

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Park Igls is located on a sun favoured high plateau 900m above sea level, just 5km south of Innsbruck, the beautiful capital of Tyrol.


In-the-know devotees flock to the trailblazing centre of Modern Mayr Medicine, Park Igls, for its emphasis on nutrition, exercise and regeneration. The award-winning medi-spa continues to innovate this branch of medicine, pioneering a symbiosis of conventional and complementary medicine, as well as providing guests with state-of-the art diagnostics for the highest levels of preventative treatment and care.

Mayr is the theory that modern syndromes often have an origin in the digestive system, with symptoms improved or even eliminated via diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. At Park Igls, Mayr is based on 6 principles: resting the digestive tract via diet, cleansing the system via ‘bitter water’ and increased fluids, learning how to chew properly and adjusting dietary habits, supplementing, exercising and self-discovery. Mayr’s holistic approach focuses on detoxifying the digestive system as a central precondition for maintaining health and fitness.

A highly qualified medical team advises and treats guests with tailormade programmes. A basic module covers examinations, a Modern Mayr cuisine plan (8 dietary stages), group exercise, lifestyle management as well as use of the excellent facilities. This is then combined with a therapeutic or diagnostic module.

A light-filled spa area with indoor pool and textile sauna, spacious lounges and a sprawling nature park provide ample space for relaxation. Guests leave with a new equilibrium, healthier body and clearer mind.

Medical Packages

Mayr Intensive

Mayr Intensive

This module is designed for guests who seek an across-the-board health improvement. The Mayr Intensive module enhances detoxification while at the same time releasing pressure from the joints and cleansing the body's connective tissue. In essence, this module encompasses the Mayr Medicine philosophy in its purest form – guests often find they become more receptive to fresh ideas and inspiration.

+ Mayr Intensive
Modern Mayr Medical Check

Modern Mayr Medical Check

Combine the Super Medical Check with the benefits of detox based on Modern Mayr Medicine

+ Modern Mayr Medical Check

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Park Igls

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