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  • Radiology
  • Regenerative medicine - stem cells
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Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik

Vienna's leading hospital

Airport: Vienna 22 km
Train station: 500m


Billrothstraße 78, 1190 Vienna | +43 1 360360

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The private clinic lies in a lovely green location in the 19th district of Vienna, Döbling, and is very well situated for road and rail traffic. It can be reached easily by public transport and car.


The Rudolfinerhaus was founded in 1882 by Theodor Billroth, one of the most renowned and most eminent physicians of the Viennese Medical School. Up to the present this Viennese private hospital is among the most modern and most beautiful clinics in Austria. As a well established first class hospital Rudolfinerhaus enjoys an excellent international reputation not only regarding its medical and nursing services but also in matters of technical equipment, new developments and improvements. The Rudolfinerhaus is looking forward to introducing you to its one-of-a-kind services and facilities.
Innovation has a great tradition at the Vienna private hospital Rudolfinerhaus. The patients of this Viennese private clinic enjoy the highest levels of competence in all medical disciplines, for instance surgeries, internal medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics, laboratory diagnostics, nuclear medicine, imaging (x-ray- and other) diagnostics and also physical medicine.
The quiet and serene atmosphere due to the location of the Rudolfinerhaus close to the Vienna Woods make the Rudolfinerhaus the first address not only for local but likewise for international patients seeking progressive methods of treatment, personal care and the stylish atmosphere of a luxury hotel.

Institutes & departments:

Diagnostic imaging (CT, MRT, X-Ray, ultrasound), invasive cardiology/angiography (radialis angiography, ablation for atrial fibrillation, cardiac catheter, cardiovascular conditions, cardiac pacemaker, nuclear cardiology), non-invasive cardiology (ECG, ergometry, 24-hour ECG with heart-rate variability, 24-hour blood pressure, trans-thoracic and trans-oesophageal echocardiography and angio-ultrasound), nuclear medicine (examines organs that are responsible for metabolic processes using scintigraphy), histopathology (cytological and histological examinations, immunohistochemical examinations), physical medicine & rehabilitation (physiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy, packs, hydrotherapy).

Medical Specialisations:

Gynaecology & obstetrics (check-ups- preventative examinations, questions about contraception, incontinence difficulties, paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, fertility, menopause advice), internal medicine (deals with diseases of the respiratory organs, heart and circulation system, digestive tract, kidneys, blood and blood forming organs, the vascular system, metabolism, immune system supporting, connecting tissues and additionally infectious diseases, poisoning and tumours), neurology (a range of treatment encompassing the neurological and psychiatric diseases and disturbances, dementia, parkinson’s disease, migraine, epilepsy, spinal conditions, polyneuropathies), orthopaedics (all areas of orthopaedics, e.g. hand and foot surgery, major and minor interventions in the musculoskeletal system), trauma surgery (fresh injuries and chronic complains, follow-up operations such as plastic surgery of ligaments, repositioning operations or joint replacements), urology (entire spectrum of laparoscopic techniques including radical laparoscopic prostatectomy).

Competent departments:

Out-patient dayclinic (check-up, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, out-patient surgery, preventative medicine), anaesthesia & intermediate care, ophtalmology, dermatology, oncology, sleep laboratory.

Medical Packages

Additional Check Up's

Additional Check Up's

For a more comprehensive assessment, we offer 12 additional Check Ups that can be packaged together with the Basic Check Up.
These additional Check Ups may be recommended as a result of your Basic Check Up or you may select them upfront. You don‘t need to book all your Check Ups at once as long as they are conducted within 12 months of completing the Basis Check Up.
After 12 months has lapsed, it is in your best interest to repeat the Basic Check Up.
If your total package contains overlapping services, the examinations will only be performed once. No further discount will be applied as the packages already contain significantly reduced prices.

+ Additional Check Up's
Basic Check up

Basic Check up

Have your quick and easy Check Up at the Rudolfinerhaus! To organise the medical treatments you need to register at least two working days prior to your check up appointment. You will be advised if any of your medical treatments require empty stomach. Your check up day will begin with a short presentation of your individual schedule and then you will have your first appointment with one of our experienced physicians.
A translator will be offered at an extra charge, which is not included in the packages. Breakfast or lunch is also included in the Basic Check Up, which we offer at our “Gourmed Restaurant“. When all your results have been obtained your physician will meet you for the final consultation.

+ Basic Check up

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Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik

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