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Alkaline Diet

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According to the wacker-method®

Base fasting like therapeutic fasting primarily serves to improve the health of man. With base fasting, you can also achieve your ideal weight.  Many problems that you may experience after meals such as bloating, acid reflux, or gas might suddenly disappear, and your digestion will improve!

Base fasting - the wacker-methode® is basically suited for everyone and based on experience, leads to increased physical as well as mental vitality. This fasting treatment is completely free of animal protein and grain and is thus especially beneficial for allergy sufferers. The cosmetic benefit is also significant. After only 1 week, skin is distinctly clearer and firmer, connective tissue is stronger, and the eyes are clearer.

Package includes:

  • accommodation for 7 nights
  • base fasting full board
  • water and herbal tea all-day
  • introductory consultation, nutrition discussion, closing consultation
  • base fasting package with your personal fasting book
  • 1 classic relaxation massage (ca. 50 min)
  • 2 alkaline baths
  • 3 liver wraps
  • 1 basic footbath
  • 1 sea salt soft pack wrap - detoxifying
  • active program throughout the valley and morning aerobics according to announcements
  • Johannesbad hotel wellness services
Nordic walking poles are available for rent


Main Medical Fields

  • Alternative medicine
  • Detox
  • Internal medicine
  • Modern F.X. Mayr medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • Pulmonology
  • Spa medicine

Spoken languages

  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • Hungarian