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14. July 2017

Partnership with the Lufthansa Group

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Flying when suffering from health-related problems often requires a lot of planning and organisation. To ensure that patients travelling for medical purposes (i.e. for a medical spa stay, surgery or treatment abroad) can fully enjoy their trip, the Lufthansa Group offers a comprehensive service and best conditions.

We are therefore pleased to announce our partnership with the Lufthansa Group regarding trips for international patients.

The Lufthansa Group has a global route network, connecting major cities around the world. As an airline partner, the Lufthansa Group offers discounted flight rates and special conditions for patients, medical staff (doctors, nursing staff) and up to 4 companions travelling for medical purposes to/from a treatment.

Your advantages:

  • Up to 15% discount in various booking classes
  • Free booking transfer (surcharge only applies in higher booking class)
  • Low cancellation charges
  • Same booking conditions for additional 4 persons

How it works:

To make a booking, please click on this link and enter the access code XXXXX (access code available on request) in the field “Event Code” at the bottom, then you will be directed to the online booking platform. The discounted airfare is displayed automatically. If better rates and special deals are available, they will also be automatically displayed.

Attention: Allow popups on this website permanently, otherwise the window of the booking platform will not open.