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Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget

Airport: Budapest 28 km
Train station: Budapest Nyugati 5 km, Budapest Keleti 9 km
Next public transport: 220 m


Margitsziget, H-1007 Budapest | +36 1 889 4700

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At the neighbouring Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget, connected to the Grand Hotel by a heated underground corridor, guests can choose from a number of therapeutic services. Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget boasts one of Europe's top Health Spas, the therapies of which are based on using water from three of the island's natural thermal springs.


  • In the heart of a romantic green park on Margaret Island, with a direct connecting passage to the Health Spa Resort Margitsziget.
  • Close to historical sights and the city-centre shops.
  • The island's original spa hotel, with turn-of-the-century ambience, tradition, style and elegance.
  • Everything you need to keep fit! Jogging path, tennis courts, rowing boats, bicycles and lidos all on the island.
  • Try out the 4-person family bike!
  • An ideal place for groups to take fantastic excursions by cruise ship, departing from directly outside the hotel entrance.

Margaret Island Thermal Water

The natural, thermal water was originally brought to the surface in 1886. It enters the spa at a temperature of 70°C but is then cooled to 34°C, 36°C and 40°C while retaining its unique, curative ingredients. The thermal water on Margaret Island is famous for its healing effects on conditions such as joint and muscle problems, certain degenerative nerve conditions, certain circulation disorders, and many other complaints. Relaxing in the thermal water is also a perfect way to unwind and release the stress and tension of modern life.


The indications for the thermal water are rheumatic diseases of the locomotive system, rheumatoid arthritis (except in the acute phase), osteoarthritis of the spine and joints, gout, polyarthritis, ankylosing spondylarthritis, discopathia, soft tissue rheumatism, tenosynovitis, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, static dysbalance, post injury and post operative rehabilitation of joints and spine, fibromyalgy, exhaustion, respiratory catarrh, chronic periferical circulatory disturbances, nervous disorders, geriatric regeneration.


Infectious diseases, malignant tumours, leukaemia, serious cases of anaemia and haemophilia, acute thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism, feverish condition, pregnancy, endometriosis, incontinence, certain skin conditions, epilepsy, auto-immune diseases.

Therapeutic services and treatments

  • Diagnostic section
  • Balneo- and hydrotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Mud pack
  • Inhalation
  • Cardio Centrum: cardiology examinations and related services
  • Individual nutrition advice

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Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget

H-1007 Budapest

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